Entry just$10kids/seniors

$15       adults  

Rescue  a Shark

or Ray

at the worlds only  working

shark and ray Rescue Centre

Save a Shark or Ray by being a 

Shark and Ray



Feed and Train our sharks and rays!

An exciting way to save sharks and rays. Get in the water or feed them from the outside.

We are working with our local Port Stephens fishermen to save as many sharks and rays as possible. 

Instead of being sent to market as food or returned to the ocean if they are injured, we hospitalise, raise and care for these incredible creatures and then train them to be able to live in other Educational and specially designed Home Aquariums around the world. 

Adopt a Shark or Ray at home-you can look after these awesome critters too.

"Fantastic value and a very worthwhile project. I highly recommend it"  Shelley

"What a great concept. Love it!"  Matthew

Completely Weatherproof   FREE Carparking   Turn at the Go Karts

Port Stephens most amazing way to have a coffee or a snack. Sit right up close to our sharks and rays, relax and learn about these amazing animals and what you can do to help protect and preserve the sharks and rays of the world. Everybody can help. 

Have a coffee at the 

SharkRay Cafe

Be a  


Adopt a Shark or Ray at Home

or Own Your SharkRescue Business!

Help raise and train these awesome Sharks and Rays in your own home! We are looking for host families to care for these incredible animals whilst they grow to a size where  they can survive and thrive in other Educational Aquariums around the world!


Watch as we build our custom  Shark Rescuer aquariums (and Octo Ranches) at the Shark and Ray Rescue Centre.

We will provide you with a Shark and Ray Aquarium specifically designed for these cool critters, complete training and support. 


Discover our new


We do more than Rescue Sharks and Rays in Port Stephens. We also want to learn how to breed and rear Octopus and see these awesome, intelligent and beautiful critters!

And we want YOUR help. Conservation starts at education and you can Adopt-a-pus and help rescue these amazing animals at home and be a part of an exciting new way to research. 

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Completely Weatherproof   FREE Carparking   Turn at the Go Karts

Sea-Horses, Clownfish (Nemos), Eels, Koi and more!

We do more than just Rescue Sharks and Rays. You can feed or adopt

*  Sea-Horses

*Clownfish (nemo's)

*Koi and other fish

*Eels (they are cooler than they sound)

Shark and Ray Resorts


Sleeping with the Sharks has never been more fun. We are aiming to build the worlds first Shark and Ray Resort. Our prototype is coming soon! We can build unique SharkPods or full Hotel rooms!

Check out our concept.

Completely Weatherproof   FREE Carparking   Turn at the Go Karts

Turn at the Go Karts Sign

686 Marsh Rd

Bobs Farm NSW 2316 

Open 10-4pm

Every day in the school and public holidays.

Open 10-4pm

Thursday to Monday non-school holidays .

No  Booking