Shark and Ray Training

IMPORTANT:WE DO NOT PROVIDE WETSUITS or WADERS FOR YOUR PROTECTION AGAINST COVID 19! Bring your own swimmers, shirt or Rashy and even footwear if you wish! And a towel!!

We take sharks, rays and other fish that have been caught by our friendly local Port Stephens fishermen. Some of them would normally go to the markets and some are injured. We need your help to turn them into super sharks and rays.

Once the sharks and rays are treated and healthy we get them ready to head to a new home with the very best chance of survival. Unfortunately in Australia it is illegal to return them to the water once they have been in an aquarium.

The Shark and Ray Training is very important as  sometimes when fish are introduced into a large public aquarium, they  often have dozens and sometimes hundreds of other fish to compete with. Most fish adapt well to the change but some have trouble competing.

So we have introduced a training program where the sharks and rays recognise  symbols under the water and only those species come to feed at that spot. This means they are taught to be guaranteed food.

You can become a shark trainer and your role will be to slip on your swimmers and move around to various locations and not only pat and play with the sharks and rays but to feed the right species in the right spot.

Alternatively we have Host's who look after our sharks and rays whilst they grow up in their own home. If you are interested in becoming a SharkRescuer let us know.

Any questions? Go to our FAQ section.

$5 shark,ray,

octopus, eel,

seahorse, clownfish or koi feeding 


Entry just$10kids/seniors

$15       adults  

Bring your swimmers, shirt or rashy

No  Booking